Horses are my passion. I understand yours.

Jennifer grew up in Hall County Georgia. A member of the local 4H, she grew up learning everything she could about horses and spending all available non-school hours in the barn. She went on to earn a degree in Equine Science at the University of Georgia. Her experience with horses spans decades with not only a deep understanding of the animal, knowledge of various disciplines, but also an understanding of what it takes to succeed on the business side of the equine industry.

Boarding Agreements

There are more than 74,000 horses in Georgia, generating over $750 million dollars of revenue annually. With thousands of stables in the state, boarding agreements are one of the number one areas of contractual dispute. A properly drafted boarding agreement should specifically spell out what is and is not included in the monthly boarding fee. Both parties should understand their rights under the agreement and possible consequences for breach of contract. Everyone wants “no drama barn.” One of the first ways to create that is to have clear communication and expectations from the moment a horse steps on your property. Let me help you!!


From a lifetime of loving 1000+ pound flight animals, I know that there will always be an element of danger when we interact with horses. Liability is the number on concern of farm owners and instructors. Georgia, like 48 other states has a statute helping to limit liability due to the “inherent dangers” associated with horses. But this law does not absolve an equine professional of liability in all situations. Before an accident occurs, you need to make sure that your waivers are in the best form possible and in compliance with all state laws.

Liability Expert Consultation

With a deep understanding of horses, and a legal background, Jennifer has consulted as an expert on several cases involving potential liability claims. If you have been injured, or are facing a lawsuit, please reach out. I may be able to help.

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