Do you own a horse?

If you are a horse owner like me, horses are part of your family. You likely spend crazy amounts of time with your equine partners and even when you’re not in the saddle, spend lots of time thinking about them and how you can best address all of their needs.

We make sure they have the best of everything we can give them. We buy hay, feed, supplements, and of course there is the farrier, the veterinarian, trainers, saddle fitters, and chiropractors. If you show, you also have all of the expenses and time there as well.

Given the time, money, and effort you put in to your horse, you may also have insured him against loss or for major surgeries. One thing is certain, owning horses is not a hobby, it is an all-encompassing passion. Something I know all too well.

In addition to being a horse owner, I am also an attorney who helps families in some of their darkest hours. I would see what happened to families when there was an unexpected death and the fall-out when that family was not prepared. Then I made a connection.

Although I had planned on what I would do if I lost my horse.

What would my horse do if he lost me?

My mind started going through scenarios. If I was in a car wreck and died tomorrow – who would take care of my horse? Who would pay his bills? Would he be sold? Who would be responsible for selling him? What if no one else in your family is “horsey” like you are? Would they know what to do?

Probating an estate in Georgia can take over a year, or several years if it gets complicated. My horse is not a car or a boat – he cannot sit in a stall for years waiting on probate. Who do I trust who can step in and advocate for him? Where would the money to do that come from? The questions were pouring in.

I realized that not only had I not thought about that, I had never heard my friends talk about it either. None of us want anything bad to happen, but that is what planning is all about – the “what ifs”

Let me help you plan for the future for all of your loved ones – not just your human family, but also your equine partners.

Need help setting up an equine trust?